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MasterCard Contactless Payment Watch..κανετε αγορες & πληρωστ

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    24th of February 2013 at 1:04 AM

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PACKAGE :watch•MasterCard PayPass Prepaid Watch Card•Standard Sized MasterCard PayPass Prepaid Card

The fun and easy way to pay
•Fully functional watch with calendar with contactless payment
•Includes MasterCard PayPass prepaid watch card & standard sized MasterCard PayPass prepaid card
•Cards are reloadable and linked to the one prepaid “Pay-As-You-Go” account (they are not linked to a bank account or any other line of credit)
•Prepaid cards are valid 2 years
•No activation fee or monthly fees
•Watch can be used wherever you see MasterCard PayPass Acceptance Mark or the contactless sign
•Standard prepaid card can be used anywhere that advertises the MasterCard Branded Mark (32 million acceptance locations worldwide)
•Hold your watch up to the device or tap it on the terminal to make payments .
•PayPass has secure encryption technology, so it is as safe as a credit/debit card
•Watch strap is made from Silicone. Face is Stainless Steel and Acrylic glass with date magnifier
•2 years worldwide warranty
•Stops you overspending, as you can only spend up to the amount you have loaded onto the card!
•Sizes: Strap length: 25.5cm, watch face: 4 x 4.5cm

It is the first watch in the world which can be used for contactless MasterCard® payments. The watch includes a ”break-out card” which is a MasterCard® PayPass™ prepaid card. The combination of the watch and the MasterCard PayPass prepaid card enables you to pay with the watch everywhere in the world where MasterCard PayPass is accepted, for example taxis, shops, and restaurants. HOW DOES IT WORK? Wherever MasterCard prepaid cards are accepted you can pay – either with the Watch or with your standard card. This product works everywhere in the world. In Europe you can use it to pay as much as you have in your account.Where you see the contactless payment sign you can use it: Simply hold the watch close to the reader and it will charge your account for what you are buying with no PIN, no fumbling with your wallet. You can still have a receipt should you require one. Due to the fact that not all stores offer the PayPass technology, you also get together with your Watch a standard sized MasterCard PayPass prepaid card valid for 2 years. There are no more additional cost involved regarding the cards (no activation fee and no monthly fees). Customer simply activates the card online, loads some money onto the account, and here you are ready to be one of the very few who can pay using your WATCH! WHERE CAN I USE MY Watch?. WHY A WATCH? Watches are worn – not carried, so they are always, literally, on hand and as a result are easily accessible and rarely lost compared with credit cards and mobile phones. It is a simple and convenient cash displacement tool. It also offers excellent budgeting options as you can top-up even by mobile phone, online and at banks. WHO WILL USE Watch? For the customer it means a convenient alternative to cash – a personal accessory with multiple functions available in an unlimited variety of colours and face designs. Watch comes with a prepaid card so ideal for people who don’t have a credit or debit card. Also very convenient for credit- and debit card holders who want to have an extra card for controlling their spending for travelling, pocket money for children, etc… or who don’t want to use their credit or debit card details for online shopping. Currently Watch comes in a sports style in a range of 8 colours as well as a Union Jack design.

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