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BLACKBERRY monitoring software.all data forwarded

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    11th of October 2012 at 8:46 PM

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The features of Spy Application
Live Call Monitoring – This spy feature enables you to secretly listen in on LIVE calls made or received on your target Phone.
 Remote Monitoring – Secretly listen in on the surroundings of the Phone. Once you determine that they your spouse is not where they are supposed to be, you can use this mobile eavesdropping feature to secretly listen in on your target’s surroundings. 

 Incoming & Outgoing Text Messages – You get all Incoming & outgoing SMS Copy on your Phone. 

 Incoming & outgoing Detail– You also get details of all Incoming & Outgoing Calls 
GPS Location

It include interception of the call, Spy call, Sim Change message reporting, Incoming and Outgoing calls reporting (No Missed Call), Reporting of Outgoing and Incoming messages.

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