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Wii / PSP / Xbox 360 Repairs and Custom Firmware Flash in Nicosia Cyprus

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    6th of September 2012 at 4:15 PM

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I do software modifications for the wii, that install the developer homebrew channel and other goodies like the ability to play MAME arcade games and most importantly back-ups (Of course I am assuming you have the original copy) I don’t condone piracy and the service I provide is totally legal with this respect, I only provide the tools for you to save money by not needing to buy a replacement game each time it gets scratched by a child, dog or general wear and tear. what you do from there is your responsibility.

I Flash all xbox 360 DVD Drives even (Slim) providing the ability to play back ups, the latest firmware will be installed and at the time of flashing will be 90% safe for playing back-up games on xbox live, but nothing is ever 100% on Live and if discovered by a mirco$oft dashbord update you wll probably be flagged then banned, I will not be responsible for this, if using live frequently the best course of action is to not update your xbox 360 and bring it to me for the latest firmware flash, the alternative is to play your back up copies at home and never connect to live, (Like I do) this is the only way to remain 100% safe as you will never communicate with the Micro$oft servers (flash updates may still be required as new games are developed with advanced encoding).

PSP Custom firmware flashes are available depending on the system model and firmware currenly in place. Prices below

Wii Mod fee 60 Euros Wii games 10 Euros per back-up game. (Included in this fee is the ability to run all your games from Hard Disc)

Xbox 360 DVD Drive flashing 60 Euros Xbox 360 games 15 Euros per back-up game. (DL Discs burned on a ihas 624 burner – full 8.7Gb)

PSP flashing Mod fee 60 Euros Back up Games can be placed on a provided Memory Stick at a fee of 10 Euros per game

WARNING I use specialised equipment to both open and flash all devices, many modders damage the casing by using the wrong tools screwdrivers and then use generic flashing equipment that only provide semi flashes that can go corrupt at anytime. normally these people knows nothing about games consoles and just work in the I.T. and Computers field, make sure you get a professional service from someone well known in the flashing scene, someone you can trust.

If your interested let me know by e-mailing me at or check out my facebook (currently only relates tp Xbox 360 news) page:

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