Welcome to the only real online auction website in Cyprus where you can buy or sell your used or new items. On CyprusBid.eu you have the opportunity to list anything you like for Free, we will not charge you anything for your listings, the more items you add the more chances you will have to get some extra money.

On our website you can list items also in the form of BUY NOW which it is not an auction, you set a fixed amount and the people will buy it on that fixed price. Basically you are in the perfect market place where you can sell or buy anything you like, because it is just local!

The huge benefit of Cyprusbid.eu vs. other similar websites abroad is that we aim only to the local market in this way you get the benefit of extremely cheap shipping or even no shipping. You can buy or sell anything from a needle to a spaceship, why? Because it is local! Also because it is local you will get your items super fast no need to wait days or even weeks to pass the customs, this is why we love local!

Payments can be done into two ways one is with PAYPAL, for those who don’t know what PAYPAL is I will explain it very shortly. PAYPAL it is the most secure and most spread around way to pay or to receive online payments , basically you just need to open an account on www.paypal.com and add your credit or debit card , that’s it , from now on you will pay only by giving your PAYPAL registered email address , no credit card numbers no nothing, really secure , have a look at the PAYPAL video tutorial.

Now for those who are still skeptical about the PAYPAL payment way we have created the CREDIT System. You can buy credits from our website with your credit card and pay with those credits the seller , then the seller will cash out those credits into real money, 1 CREDIT it is 1EURO for example if you buy 100 CREDITS it will be equal to the amount of 100EURO.

CyprusBid.EU it is not a website that came out of the blue, it is a website that is been supported by great developers and webmasters with many years of experience, your members area it is secured and encrypted with the latest technology on the internet so it will protect your personal data.

At the end of the day we want to embrace the local market we want to boost the industry and to leave the cash flow running local, specially these days that we need to support and retain our markets!

For more information please see our FAQ section or Contact Us for any inquires – suggestions you may have.